Dec 12, 2008

Friday: I look forward to Obama taking over

I’m going to write this now while it still sounds like a good idea. So the last 8 years, the republicans have kind of been in control of things. For a while there we (I say we because I’m a republican. I just thought I’d spell that out for those keeping score at home) even had control of the White House, Congress, and the House of Representatives simultaneously. The D.C. trifecta, as people trying to be cool would put it. Honestly I think it went pretty well. Unfortunately we had a couple fringe crazies that somehow snuck in there. There was also the misfortune of being saddled with an unusually tumultuous 8 years (9/11, housing bubble, oil prices, Enron….). Overall however, things never got too out of hand no matter how bad the situation was that our country faced. In the end I believe we’re going to be better off in the long run because of some of the work that was done in these last years.

Having said that however, man it is time to let someone else have a shot, at least for 4 years. I’m not super thrilled that the left wing captured the Cerberus this time around (Cerberus is my new slang for a simultaneous party control of the White house, Senate and House, by the way). People in this country though, had forgotten how crazy the left side can be. It’s a lot like the people of Israel wandering through the desert wanting to go back to Egypt and be slaves again because “they were taken care”. Sure people are taken care of in these situations, but ultimately the people taking care of you never do as good a job as you can by taking care of yourself. So that’s why I’m looking forward to an Obama presidency. Sure he has a few hang-ups, and skeletons in the closet, I’m fairly certain all public servants do. But how much damage can he really do in the limited time he will have as president. In reality the job of president is not the all-powerful decision making, no-questions-asked position that some believe it to be. There are checks and balances (albeit, quite a few less checks with a democrat controlled House and Senate). And of course, there is always the game of bureaucracy that will need to be played that slows down all the potential changes he has on the docket.

Really though, we needed a break. Somewhere along the line we took our eye off the ball (Yes! I got the clichéd sports reference in there) and lost track of our members. We were getting hammered by the media and in the court of public opinion. So I’m relatively glad that we can regroup for a few years, get rid of all the band wagon crazies that slipped in, and get ready to lead again in 4 or possibly 8 years (There’s always the chance he does a good job and everyone thanks him with a 2nd term, I'm a realist.). So prepare yourself for all the scrutiny to fall on the democrats again, it was more than entertaining last time, at times it was mind numbingly scary, but again be thankful and look forward to this opportunity to finally get a break from being the universal scapegoat. It will give the people a chance to clarify those memories they had of “the good old days, when Billy C was in charge” and I think we might all be better off with this reminder.


  1. first of all, i didn't even know you had a blog. thanks for keeping me up to date.
    most of all, i wanted to point out that making up the word "cerberus/cerebrus" (if you're gonna make a word up, you should decide on the official spelling) then taking the time to define it took up much more space than it would have to just say what you meant to say. in other words, your "short-cut" was longer than your original cut and it really bothered me, i think you should know. :)

  2. O yea, thanks for catching that spelling issue, It's Cerberus, according to a guy named Peisandros of Rhodes. But thanks for thinking I'm creative enough to make up new words. Also, I figured a "strong, independent woman" like yourself would find the blog eventually, and I was right..hahaha