Dec 24, 2008

Wed: I don't like dreams

I’m not talking about goals or aspirations. I mean the crazy things your mind comes up with to keep you entertained while you rest. But it’s hard to rest when you’re trying to save your family from being killed by Indians while running through the sanctuary of the Church that you attended in junior high with your friend from work who it turns out might be on the Indians side, except they might not be trying to kill your family, instead we’re just all going camping…..with President Bush. This is the real stuff that dreams are made of, and while at times they can be somewhat entertaining, for the most part I think they cause more damage than good.

Who are these people and what are we running from? just a typical confusing dream..

First off they never make sense. You always read in the Bible about people having dreams that explained some amazing truth, or lead people to the answer to the problem that they were currently facing. That idea holds so much appeal to me…..I can’t even explain it. Just the thought of being spoon fed an amazing revelation like that, and knowing with absolute certainty that it’s a can’t miss suggestion, certified, straight from the top message. That’s what makes dreams so frustrating. You know they hold so much potential. At times I’ll feel like maybe I’m just missing the message that the dreams are sending me, and that if I could just tap into some wisdom like Joseph, or Daniel then I would be able to divine some meaning from them and justify forever all the hours of contemplation that I’ve spent analyzing these products of my imagination. So far no luck though. I even tried writing them down to keep track, and see if maybe I had multiple puzzle pieces then something would make sense, but I just ended up with a lot of lost time, pieces to vastly different puzzles, and frustration. The worst was when I had a dream that was all in Spanish…I don’t even know Spanish, so that was probably the one dream I’ll ever have that was supposed to actually convey a message. It’s like dreams are really just around to taunt people.

Aside from being immensely maddening to try and decipher, there are other attributes of dreams that can make them a little less than enjoyable experience. The most prominent being the nightmare. Here’s the thing with nightmares, whereas regular dreams are hard to understand and easy to forget after being awake 10 minutes, nightmares will stay with you. I remember when I was about 6 I had one where Freddy Krueger would pop up outside my bedroom window and with the help of some of my parents friends (who shall remain anonymous, but I’ll never forget these people even though I haven’t actually seen them in 8 years) would throw grenades into my bedroom while me and my brother tried to escape. It sounds ridiculous…cause it is, but it’s that type of dream that doesn’t leave you. The absolute worst case is when you see someone close to you die in a dream. That kind of thing will be on your mind for the next couple days at least, wondering if maybe it’s in the realm of possibility that you’ve been given a warning, or at the very least a cruel scare.

There is a flip side to that coin though. There are always the good dreams, the one’s where you can do something that’s impossible in the real world. Or have you ever met a new friend in a dream that you don’t actually know in real life? The problem is you always have to wake up, and that amazing ability, impossible accomplishment, or worst of all, that friend goes away forever. (I might be the only person that makes friends in my dreams, so if that seems really weird to you, do me a favor and let me know so I can go get checked out or something ☺) So even in the off chance you luck out and get a decent dream, it’s a losing situation. The worst part is how hard it is to remember the good dreams, they just can’t hold a candle to their competitor, the nightmare.

Dreams are amazing, and I don’t hate them. I just wish that I could remember more of the good ones, less of the bad ones, and maybe one day even figure out what one of them is talking about.

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