Dec 5, 2008

The Idea

I’ll make this brief, cause what follows is really what I’m looking for. I figure I should explain what’s going on though.

So I’ve found that I enjoy talking about a couple things, mostly to myself but I figured I’d start jottin some of it down and seeing what resonates or I should just keep to myself. and it gives me a nice break from the rest of my day to actually put pen to paper or whatever you call it these days. So I decided I would start writing down some of these things, opinions and stuff and see how they look in a couple of months. How this is going to happen is really simple, in order to keep some kind of structure (I don’t really like structure, but it has some purpose, and other people seem to enjoy it, and I’m not one to rob others of enjoyment) every day of the week is a different kind of idea.

  • Monday is something I like (mostly just to get in a good mood for the week)
  • Tuesday is something I would change (because after Monday there’s always something I would change)
  • Wednesday is something I don’t like (this will without a doubt always be the easiest day)
  • Thursday is something I miss
  • And Friday is something I’m looking forward to

I also didn’t want it to really come off as a journal or anything, because I’m not really that creative and my journal would probably look exactly like your journal (“Why God?”, “this person is driving me nuts”, “This totally makes sense now”, and on and on). I figure you have enough of that on our own, and really I want to make this pretty light and kind of get away from the drudgery of the day. Take an “excursion” to explain the title (which is terrible, but I’ll settle for now.

Looking back there’s a lot of the word “I” in there. That’s mainly because I think it would be rude to presuppose that I could actually write about something “you” like, but if it happens by happy coincidence, great.

I’m not really a stickler for rules and stuff so there’s a good chance some of this stuff will change, especially if I run out of “things to look forward to” for example. Honestly most of it will probably be pretty stupid, shallow, uninspired and such, but I’ll get a good laugh later on down the line when I’m 30 and trying to remember some of the stuff that rattled around my head from day to day. So umm, that should be it, like I said, brief.

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