Jan 2, 2009

Fri: I look forward to Edge Preview

A quick explanation for the 2 people who check this blog and aren’t sure what Edge preview is. The Edge Corps is the entry level position for someone working full time with the Navigators which is a ministry with various arms including college, military, and publishing divisions. The Edge preview is a small 3-day conference that is designed to give young people who are interested a “peek” at what committing to edge would entail. (That how I understand it anyway, I’m not totally sure because I haven’t actually gone yet). So I somehow got signed up to go to this thing, at the time I really had no clue what it even was, I was just told there was a castle and some mountain goats, and really they had me at castle. Aside from the castle though, there’s a bunch of other things I’m looking forward to concerning the edge preview trip.

So in case for some reason you didn’t know, I like driving. The aspect of a 12 hour trip isn’t something that bugs me; I’m actually looking forward to the traveling part of the trip quite a bit. I’ve traveled to a painfully small amount of the U.S. so anytime I can add a couple cities and states to that list, it’s something I can get behind. It's just an added bonus that we're traveling through northern Arizona which always a beautiful drive.

As if just traveling wasn’t good enough, there’s a good chance that there will be snow will be involved at some point. I’ve lived in the desert my whole life so seeing snow is basically the equivalent of a blind person going to the movies, Kanye West making 808’s and Heartbreak, getting assigned a take home test for a final, or the Cardinals being in the playoffs. It’s highly unusual but a really nice change of pace. Who knows, I might even get to wear a scarf.

Aside from family, I’ll also get to spend a lot of time hanging out with friends I haven’t really seen since winter break started, and you know, it’s possible I might've kind of missed them or whatever. Anyways moving on…

Aside from all the trimmings of the trip, I’m also looking forward to just having a chance in the middle of a work week no less to just sit back and learn about God. Have some time to really just try and listen to Him through his Word, and get additional guidance on how to better understand his messages. Sure I’m also interested in finding out what the deal is with Edge Corps and what that whole deal is about, but it’s somewhat of a side note. In reality I’m rarely able to wrap my brain around just what amazing position God has put me in, where I can go somewhere and meet other believers and just learn about stuff that will be interesting, and valid forever. So I do my best to recognize those opportunities and look forward to them.

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  1. We're excited to meet you tomorrow! Have a safe drive!