Jan 1, 2009

Thur & Fri

I'm on a small vacation for a couple days in San Diego, spending time with family. So as much as it pains me to break this streak of consecutive posts, the thursday and friday posts probably won't be up till the weekend when I get bored and decide to write them up. I'm relatively sure no one is too heart broken about this, and we can get though this small delay together. ;)


  1. i'm heartbroken! what else will i read out here on the east coast! *tear*

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  3. You shouldn't be reading blogs while you're adventuring around the east coast! You've got people to see, things to do, amazing stories to create. But I;m kind of touched you're heartbroken.

    and Val I'll see you like in 3 days. Doesn't yet qualify for the "miss" section. it's real close though :)